Building relationships with your new class

I have met with lots of school staff this week who have been finding the return to work a challenge. It can be hard for school staff to adjust to being back at school and all that it entails; it is also very hard for the children in many ways. Some of the children in our schools will have had 6 weeks of very little structure, routine and consistency. They may have not had enough sleep, been around lots of conflict and drama, and maybe not had enough to eat, or had lots of unhealthy food. Now they are back at school with routine, structure and consistency, which is great, but takes time to adapt.

I met with several teachers on Friday who were experiencing difficulties with getting their class to settle and we discussed how at this time of year it can be hard to remember that the class that left you in July had worked with you for a whole year, and the children you have now will need a year with you to get to the same place. For example, at the start of year 2 some children don’t even know which are their shoes after doing PE, by July they are able to find their own shoes, put them on and if you are very lucky even do them up.

I encouraged the class teachers to talk to their class first thing tomorrow morning and explore with them what they think they can do well and what they feel they still need help with, along with acknowledging how hard it is because you are all still getting to know each other. It can be really interesting to see what the children come up with, the things you may think they do well or need help with may be different.

Stay positive, support each other and remember it’s only 14 weeks till the Christmas holidays : – )


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