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Developing life skills

The school setting is the ideal place for children to learn about and practice developing essential life skills and the opportunity to do this can be integrated in to the school curriculum through lessons and activities. The possibilities to do … Continue reading

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It can be difficult for any of us to change our behaviour……

I met with a mum this week who is feeling increasingly worried, frustrated and overwhelmed at her seven year old child’s behaviour. He is finding it really hard, for a variety of reasons to leave her and come in to … Continue reading

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Smoothing the transition to high school

I was at a meeting this week where we were discussing how difficult it can be for some children to manage the transition from leaving primary school and going to high school. In my experience most primary schools are smaller … Continue reading

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The power of nurturing play in school

I am just coming to the end of a piece of work i have been doing in schools with LAC (looked after children) children involving 1-1 weekly nurturing play sessions for 40 minutes for 10 weeks. This has been an … Continue reading

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The benefits of creating an emotionally aware staff team 

A useful tool for all school staff is the ability to reflect on themselves and their practice in an open and honest manner. Whilst this is not easy, the benefits to both staff and children in schools are enormous. The … Continue reading

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Meeting the needs of looked after children

I have been doing some work in schools recently with looked after children and their foster carers and am shocked and amazed by how much we expect these children to manage. Looked after children have usually experienced living with chaos, … Continue reading

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Reframing the January blues….

It can be hard going back to work in school after a holiday and i think this is especially true after the Xmas break when we may return to work more tired than usual after lots of festivities. It can … Continue reading

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What is this child trying to tell me?….how children communicate through their behaviour

What do you do if you feel upset, worried or have just had a bad day? As adults we have the ability to use language to express our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our experiences. Children do not have … Continue reading

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Children who sabotage

Some children have such negative and traumatic life experiences that they may approach life with a “what’s the point” attitude. This has been learnt as a defence mechanism against feeling hurt and upset. Their lives have been so painful that … Continue reading

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Some kids live in chaos….

While driving home from school on Friday i was thinking about this half term and remembering the first week back in September and what a long time ago it seemed! I remember a particular family at one of the schools … Continue reading

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