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Making a difference – a practical guide for the emotionally focused school practitioner by Cath Hunter

  • A5, spiral bound 160 colourful pages
  • Divided into 6 half term sections
  • Each half term covers a specific focus
  • Insights in to the reasons behind children’s behaviour and emotional well-being needs that may present during the school year
  • Over 100 tips and strategies for responding to children’s behaviour and meeting children’s emotional needs
  • Weekly reflections on children’s emotional needs
  • Space to record strategies and their impact enabling you to build a personalised pool of resources.

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Making a difference – a practical guide for the emotionally focused school practitioner
by Cath Hunter

A book full of practical ideas and insights, this guide is designed to empower staff to make a difference to children’s well-being and behaviour by using simple and effective strategies that can easily be implemented throughout the school day.

This guide takes you on a journey focusing on the emotional and behavioural needs that may present during the school year.  It is divided into six half-terms, with each section exploring how children may behave, discussing the possible reasons for their behaviour and suggesting strategies to implement.  As you progress through each section there is space to record the strategies you have used and their impact, thus enabling you to build a personalised pool of resources.

The guide introduces reflective language, which is fast, effective and easy to implement with proven results in many schools. Each half term focuses on a different aspect of reflective language with many examples to use with children.

“I tried these strategies with the most challenging child in my class who is now more settled, happier and able to take part in class” (class teacher)

“Using the strategies in this guide on a daily basis had a significant impact on my everyday practice.” (teaching assistant)

“Seeing daily results improved my confidence and consequently my relationships with the children” (1-1 worker)


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4 reviews for Making a Difference guide

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a really useful book, it guides you through the school year, giving a better understanding to how the children might be feeling at different times and gives useful tips to try out . The reflective language scripts are great and the weekly notes sections are a great way of keeping a track of the children and strategies used .
    I am a pastoral support worker in a primary school and would recommend this to any one that works with children in any setting.
    Another fab book from Cath to add to my collection.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Filomena Frangillo

    This is a fantastic book that I would definitely recommend everyone to have, it is colourful and really handy to have with you all the time. Its an all year round guide that give you all the tools to try out and help develop new strategies and skills to help in the understanding of how to support children with their feelings.
    The weekly scripts are a great way for me to set myself a weekly objective and plan ahead for the children I will be working with. Furthermore, I am able to write down what went well and what went wrong and be able to always look back during the year.
    I am new to my present role as a pastoral worker in a primary school and I would most definitely recommend this to everyone.
    Thank you so much Cath for this great book.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charlotte Pym

    I love how the book is split into the half terms and highlights key trigger points throughout the year that children may find difficult. It allows you to anticipate changes in behaviour and be ready to help support the children through tricky periods. The reflective language allows you to talk to children about their challenging behaviour in a positive way, helping you develop your relationship with them whilst enabling them to manage their feelings and behaviour.
    This book could be used by any adult working with children as you can track strategies that you have tried and the outcomes whilst supporting you in being reflective about your own practice.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebecca White

    This colourful little book is more than a theoretical guide. It is a reflective journal for educators to take them through the year, developing their understanding of what lies behind children’s behaviours, and providing practical approaches linked to common classroom scenarios.

    There are six sections, including ‘Settling In’, ‘Christmas Festivities’ and ‘Transition’. Each provides a focus for the half term with an introduction to the theme, followed by a weekly journal layout. The journal pages encourage reflection on specific behavioural challenges, providing space to note planned strategies and their outcomes.

    ‘Making a Difference’ would be an invaluable tool for anybody working with children in a school setting. The bite-sized theoretical sections are very practical and linked to the themes of each section, with lots of strategies suggested. Even if a teacher might find it challenging to fill in the journal each week, the weekly ‘Reflection’ alone would be enough to act as a reminder to always look past the behaviour to the communication that is behind it.
    Rebecca White
    Education Policy Advisor
    Adoption UK

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