Less ants, more concentration

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a six year old boy who had “ants in his pants”.  I described a six year old boy who could not sit still and suggested an activity for a teaching assistant to do with him.  His teacher reported that he has made some progress but his behaviour is still a concern.

This week I suggested the teaching assistant spent time with him taking turns to build a tower of bricks, each putting one brick on at a time.  I suggested she comments on how well he is doing by making statements such as “you are doing really well waiting while I have my turn, it can be really hard to wait”.

Next week I will encourage her to bring another child to join in thus making the waiting time longer for him and enable  him to practice impulse control within a small supportive environment.

If you have a child who needs this sort of support perhaps try this and let me know how you get on.

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