Reframing the January blues….

It can be hard going back to work in school after a holiday and i think this is especially true after the Xmas break when we may return to work more tired than usual after lots of festivities. It can also feel more difficult as its cold and dark outside when we leave and return home and we may feel like hibernating instead. If this is how you are feeling,I am offering a simple but hopefully effective opportunity to try something different and therefore maybe feel a little different too, in a positive way.

Before returning to school tomorrow try and list the following:

  •  Five positive things that happened last term
  • Five  things you feel proud of from last term
  • Five people who had a positive impact on you
  • Five kids you are looking forward to seeing

These can be anything to do with school and don’t have to be big things, e.g the person who made you a cup of tea in the staff room last term. See if it makes you feel differently about going back to work tomorrow.

Have a good day…..

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