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Smoothing the transition to high school

I was at a meeting this week where we were discussing how difficult it can be for some children to manage the transition from leaving primary school and going to high school. In my experience most primary schools are smaller … Continue reading

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The importance of supporting parents

I write a lot about children and the work i do with them, but this week one of the most important parts of my job has been supporting a parent. This parent has had a very challenging childhood herself and … Continue reading

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It’s important to consider the child’s emotional age….

I have been working with a foster carer who is looking after two girls aged 8 and 9, who like many fostered children have a history of neglect, emotional abuse and little experience of their physical and emotional needs being … Continue reading

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Managing the nursery day – Strategies to support children’s emotional wellbeing

For both children and staff the nursery day is full of surprises as the routine and activities occur and children’s emotional reactions to them are expressed, sometimes in quite challenging and unpredictable ways. The emotional cues that children show can … Continue reading

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Better Spending

I’ve been thinking this week about how much money as a country we spend on our prisons, our adult mental health system and the cost of a child going in to care, a much larger amount than if we chose … Continue reading

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