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Free Reflective Language Poster

This free poster introduces the concept of reflective language with some examples for you to try in school.  Reflective language is a highly effective and easy to use behaviour management approach which I teach to staff in primary schools across … Continue reading

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Not making assumptions about children’s understanding 

I was talking to a pastoral worker who delivers group work interventions across school this week and she was talking about a year 6 girl who had been referred as she was always calling out, couldn’t sit still and found … Continue reading

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From snatching to sharing…..the benefits of emotionally focused group work

When I first met Jake he was in the outdoor area of his reception class trying to negotiate with the teaching assistant why he should stay on the bike he was riding round and not let another child have a … Continue reading

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Responding to and helping children after yesterday’s Manchester bomb attack

My heart goes out to all those affected by last night’s bomb attack.  I have been working in a primary school in Manchester all day today and listening to staff and children trying to make sense of last night’s event, expressing … Continue reading

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Calm Boxes – A simple and effective tool for helping children manage anxiety

Have you got children in your class who are still finding it hard to settle or need some extra help? This free hand out and accompanying video introduces the idea of calm boxes as a resource for helping children feel … Continue reading

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Keeping children emotionally safe in school

Schools can play an important role in promoting children’s awareness of emotional safety by exploring how we behave towards other people and why. It is beneficial to discuss why we are kind and care for each other and identify the … Continue reading

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Some children show the opposite of what they feel

Some children have experienced difficult life experiences resulting in them being wary and mistrustful of adults. In school they may present as aggressive, manipulative, controlling, bossy and fearless. They may challenge staff, say they don’t care and appear frightening to … Continue reading

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Helping kids who find it hard to wait….

A year one teacher asked me this week what he could do to help a six year old in her class who kept calling out, waving his arms around to get her attention and was unable to wait his turn. … Continue reading

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Seeing the child, not their behaviour

I came across a brilliant example of a teacher doing this today in school. A child aged 10 was upset because he hadn’t been chosen for the school football team and he picked up a chair and went to throw … Continue reading

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“You’re just being lazy”…..

I overheard a conversation between a 9 year old and his support worker this week that made me think about how easily we can misinterpret what children are trying to tell us. They were sat outside the class doing some … Continue reading

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