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Is this child “having a drama” or is it a lack of resilience?

I observed some behaviour from a 10 year old this week which was referred to “having a drama” and overreacting, which made me wonder about how this child was feeling and what he may have been trying to communicate. He was told … Continue reading

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Responding to and helping children after yesterday’s Manchester bomb attack

My heart goes out to all those affected by last night’s bomb attack.  I have been working in a primary school in Manchester all day today and listening to staff and children trying to make sense of last night’s event, expressing … Continue reading

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Being aware of children’s internal dialogue

Some children may have learnt to respond in a defensive way as a coping mechanism to manage the feelings of anxiety and fear that situations evoke in them. The child may present as feeling the opposite of this, for example, … Continue reading

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How some children show anxiety through their behaviour

Exploring how anxiety presents itself in school.

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Helping children who can’t ask for help

A few tips to help children who are overly independent.      

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Happy new return to school

For most of us working in schools, tomorrow marks the start of our return to work, although in some schools it may be a training day so you have some sense of reprieve before the kids come in. I know … Continue reading

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Keeping children emotionally safe in school

Schools can play an important role in promoting children’s awareness of emotional safety by exploring how we behave towards other people and why. It is beneficial to discuss why we are kind and care for each other and identify the … Continue reading

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The impact of bereavement on young children

What do young children understand about death? It can be devastating losing a parent or loved one at any age and it is especially difficult for young children as they do not understand the concept of permanence and have limited … Continue reading

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A good example the power of persevering with a challenging child

I was talking to a year 6 class teacher recently about a girl who is very confrontational and challenging and often uses verbal and non-verbal behaviour in an attempt to intimidate her teacher. This child lives with lots of conflict … Continue reading

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What are we modelling for our children?”

I heard last week of a fight between two mums in the playground of a primary school because a 9 year old had told her mum the other child had ” looked at her funny” at school that day. This … Continue reading

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