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Try alternative ways to respond to children’s behaviour

In my work I am always encouraging school staff to try different strategies to deal with children’s behaviour. It can be easy in life to keep doing things the way we’ve always done them and harder to be brave enough … Continue reading

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Managing the nursery day – Strategies to support children’s emotional wellbeing

For both children and staff the nursery day is full of surprises as the routine and activities occur and children’s emotional reactions to them are expressed, sometimes in quite challenging and unpredictable ways. The emotional cues that children show can … Continue reading

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helping children to develop a positive self image

Children who have a positive self-image are able to share their happiness about their appearance in a healthy way, for example, showing you their new shoes or haircut. This is an important aspect of children learning to be happy with … Continue reading

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Why we need to give children choices

It is essential to give children the opportunity to make choices, no matter how small, as it gives them positive messages about themselves. It enables them to be assertive and state their wishes in an acceptable way and conveys that … Continue reading

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“Everyone’s will be better than mine”

This is what a 9 year old told his class teacher this week after she asked him why he kept rubbing his work out all the time. For this child, his strong sense of “i’m not good enough” is having … Continue reading

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Strategies to try with children at school to build confidence and self esteem

Try these with children at school and see if you notice any changes in them: • Provide opportunities to make choices wherever possible throughout the day, no matter how small; for example, writing with a pen or a pencil so … Continue reading

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“You’re just being lazy”…..

I overheard a conversation between a 9 year old and his support worker this week that made me think about how easily we can misinterpret what children are trying to tell us. They were sat outside the class doing some … Continue reading

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My needs do matter, helping children develop self- worth

As promised here is another extract from my book…. A child’s sense of self-worth is deeply affected by their confidence and self-esteem. For children who have a poor sense of self, the school day can be made up of regular … Continue reading

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