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From snatching to sharing…..the benefits of emotionally focused group work

When I first met Jake he was in the outdoor area of his reception class trying to negotiate with the teaching assistant why he should stay on the bike he was riding round and not let another child have a … Continue reading

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Helping to understand foster and adopted kids feelings

I have had several sessions with both foster parents and adoptive parents this week and we’ve been talking about the importance of allowing and encouraging children to express their feelings, but how difficult this can be when they are raging … Continue reading

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My Needs don’t matter – the danger of young children being people pleasers

Many children in primary schools may display a variety of behaviours that can cause concern. The children that are overly compliant and put their needs second, may be harder to identify than more challenging behaviours but are of equal concern … Continue reading

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Some children show us through their behaviour “I’ve still got baby needs”

I was talking to a class teacher last week who has 5 year old twin boys in her class who are disruptive, can’t sit still and very immature and attention seeking, especially after lunch time. I suggested the teaching assistant … Continue reading

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