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From sighing to singing – how reflective language helped a child develop resilience

This short story illustrates the power of acknowledging, naming and describing feelings for children.

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Enhancing children’s well-being and supporting behaviour

I wrote my Making a Difference Guide to try and provide easy solutions to help school staff enhance children’s well-being and support their behaviour.  I’ve made a short video discussing how you might use it in your own work, along … Continue reading

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Making a Difference guide

My Making a Difference guide is now available for purchase online.  Based on many conversations with school staff over the last few years it is a resource to support staff in understanding and supporting children with their behaviour and emotional … Continue reading

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Is this child “having a drama” or is it a lack of resilience?

I observed some behaviour from a 10 year old this week which was referred to “having a drama” and overreacting, which made me wonder about how this child was feeling and what he may have been trying to communicate. He was told … Continue reading

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From snatching to sharing…..the benefits of emotionally focused group work

When I first met Jake he was in the outdoor area of his reception class trying to negotiate with the teaching assistant why he should stay on the bike he was riding round and not let another child have a … Continue reading

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“Mum was screaming cos he beat her to the floor”…a story of resilience

This is what a seven year old child told me several weeks ago during our first play therapy session. He witnessed domestic violence for the first few years of his life but his life is now more settled and stable, … Continue reading

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Happy new return to school

For most of us working in schools, tomorrow marks the start of our return to work, although in some schools it may be a training day so you have some sense of reprieve before the kids come in. I know … Continue reading

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My new book on understanding and managing children’s behaviour :-)

Here’s an extract from my new book which will be published before Christmas. Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour through Group Work Ages 5–7,  A child-centred programme “In order for children to achieve success at school they need a degree of … Continue reading

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Helping children develop resilience

The development of resilience can be viewed as one of the most vital ingredients for emotional health and well being. The ability to deal with situations and bounce back after adversity is of paramount importance for all children, but especially … Continue reading

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My Needs don’t matter – the danger of young children being people pleasers

Many children in primary schools may display a variety of behaviours that can cause concern. The children that are overly compliant and put their needs second, may be harder to identify than more challenging behaviours but are of equal concern … Continue reading

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