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Enhancing children’s well-being and supporting behaviour

I wrote my Making a Difference Guide to try and provide easy solutions to help school staff enhance children’s well-being and support their behaviour.  I’ve made a short video discussing how you might use it in your own work, along … Continue reading

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Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help…

Jake age 9 was a quiet child who was often disengaged and would stare out of the window for long periods of time. His class teacher had moved him away from the window but this didn’t improve his attention span, … Continue reading

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Building relationships with your new class

I have met with lots of school staff this week who have been finding the return to work a challenge. It can be hard for school staff to adjust to being back at school and all that it entails; it … Continue reading

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Managing SATs stress in schools

Decided to try something different. Here is my first video blog. What do you think?

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Happy new return to school

For most of us working in schools, tomorrow marks the start of our return to work, although in some schools it may be a training day so you have some sense of reprieve before the kids come in. I know … Continue reading

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Developing life skills

The school setting is the ideal place for children to learn about and practice developing essential life skills and the opportunity to do this can be integrated in to the school curriculum through lessons and activities. The possibilities to do … Continue reading

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Lets be careful not to shame children

I was in a year four class this week with a teacher who said “who is talking when i am talking,how rude, is that you Emily?”(not her real name).The teacher used a stern voice and shook her head at the … Continue reading

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Self-care for school staff in times of stress

 I am aware of a lot of staff from heads to teaching assistants in schools feeling very stressed at the moment. As well as the challenges of a new school year and developing new relationships with children, many are facing … Continue reading

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Creating a welcoming environment in classs

This week as i have been going to the different schools i work in i have been very aware of how it feels in each school and within the classes that i visit to observe the children. Some of the … Continue reading

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“Some of our children leave their learning on the carpet”…..

This is what a year two teacher said to me this week and it provided a useful opportunity for a discussion about some of the children in his class and why it really seems like they do leave their learning … Continue reading

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