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Try alternative ways to respond to children’s behaviour

In my work I am always encouraging school staff to try different strategies to deal with children’s behaviour. It can be easy in life to keep doing things the way we’ve always done them and harder to be brave enough … Continue reading

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My Needs don’t matter – the danger of young children being people pleasers

Many children in primary schools may display a variety of behaviours that can cause concern. The children that are overly compliant and put their needs second, may be harder to identify than more challenging behaviours but are of equal concern … Continue reading

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A good example the power of persevering with a challenging child

I was talking to a year 6 class teacher recently about a girl who is very confrontational and challenging and often uses verbal and non-verbal behaviour in an attempt to intimidate her teacher. This child lives with lots of conflict … Continue reading

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helping children to feel safe and secure at school

In order for children to feel happy and be able to fully engage with their learning, it is essential that they feel safe and secure at school. It can be too easy for us as adults to make assumptions about … Continue reading

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Positive ways to respond to children who are hurt or unwell

When a child is unwell or has hurt themselves, the response they receive from the adults around them can provide a very powerful message to them and may validate or negate their experience. If a child is responded to by … Continue reading

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Making a difference at school

The vital role that school staff  play in contributing to children’s emotional well being cannot be underestimated and can be utilised more to ensure it is maximised to its full capacity. Every adult who works in a school has a … Continue reading

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The important role that schools play in children’s wellbeing

Another extract from my book As children spend a large proportion of their lives at school, schools play a crucial role in providing a range of social experiences, as well as having a key part to play in developing resilience … Continue reading

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Helping children to develop resilience

Another extract from my book The development of resilience can be viewed as one of the most vital ingredients for emotional health and well-being. The ability to deal with situations and bounce back after adversity is of paramount importance for … Continue reading

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