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“I might get it wrong….”

This week a teacher asked me what he could do about a 10 year old boy in his class who kept finding excuses why he couldn’t do much writing in class. The child was often preoccupied, daydreaming and never produced … Continue reading

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How to help a child who can’t sit still at carpet time

I am constantly asked by teachers in school how to manage a child who can’t sit still at carpet time so thought it would be useful to share some ideas. I often observe children at this time and these children … Continue reading

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How survival strategies can be misinterpreted

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how behaviours in school can be misunderstood, its so important that we try and understand the feelings behind the behaviour, rather than making our own judgements and interpretations Hyper-vigilance = being nosy … Continue reading

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The Child who won’t put pen to paper

Does this sound familiar… I’ve had a few conversations with teachers this week about children in their class who are producing very little or no work.   There may be several possible reasons for this behaviour including children being worried … Continue reading

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Strategies to support children with transition

This week in school involves a transition morning or day for many children.  I posted this article a year ago about transition and have added some new strategies for you to try this week. Some children find any change extremely … Continue reading

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The invisible child

The following is an extract from one of the chapters in my Making a Difference Guide.  The invisible children in our schools sometimes get overlooked and yet can need our attention as much as some of  the more demanding children … Continue reading

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From sighing to singing – how reflective language helped a child develop resilience

This short story illustrates the power of acknowledging, naming and describing feelings for children.

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Attention seeking is attention needing

We all need to feel seen, heard, valued and understood.  Sadly for some of our children this may not always happen on a regular basis at home, resulting in them showing us through their behaviour at school that this is … Continue reading

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Managing change and uncertainty in school

I have been really aware this week that there is a lot of uncertainty and change in routine In schools. One minute children are in class doing numeracy the next they are in the hall practising their performance. In the … Continue reading

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Reflective language – free resource

I’ve developed a free online video resource which introduces reflective language, a simple and effective behaviour management tool that supports children’s emotional well-being. This is a technique I teach staff on a daily basis and which has had a big … Continue reading

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