Book extract – Impact of the group work programmes on children’s emotional wellbeing

The use of reflective language throughout the group work sessions provides the children with a very positive message about themselves as it communicates ‘I can see you, I am trying to understand you, whatever you are thinking or feeling is ok, you are worth thinking about and I am interested in getting to know you.’ All these responses reinforce that the child is important as an individual in their own right and provides a clear sense of acceptance of who they are as a person. The programme promotes an awareness of the children’s own emotions along with sensitivity to the emotions of other people, resulting in an increased ability to put those feelings in to words.  The experience of the group work programmes and the facilitators reflections given to the children are positive and powerful and for some children may provide new opportunities for them to be experienced in this way. The facilitator’s use of reflective language enables the children to feel seen, heard, valued and understood all essential ingredients to build their confidence and self esteem.

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