Only 32 weeks to go…….

In the schools I work in its nearly half term. The days are being enthusiastically crossed off on the notice boards in staff rooms and there are  conversations between staff about their plans for that week. This first half term after the summer holidays is always hard I think, it’s a big adjustment and shock to return to school where it’s so full on all the time after several weeks holiday.

I know everyone, staff and children included is feeling tired and is ready for a break now, but hang on in there, keep positive, and support each other. Although the second half term is when the Christmas mayhem begins, the children are more settled. They have often adjusted to being in a different class, with a different teacher and other staff, and you are all getting to know each other more. Well done for getting this far….give yourself a pat on the back and pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage, after all, it’s only 32 more school weeks till the summer holidays begin again…

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