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Training resources for Schools 

These resources were originally developed during covid lockdown to support schools that were unable to access the face-to-face training that I would usually deliver. As I am now retired I have decided to make them available for free for anyone who wishes to use them. They are aimed at school staff working in any role in a primary school setting. (Age 3- 11 years). They have been developed to be used individually or as a whole package to increase awareness and understanding of children’s emotional well-being and behaviour. Each individual resource consists of a overview of the topic, with supportive videos, activities and strategies to encourage staff to reflect on and implement their learning. Each resource can be worked through individually, in small groups or with the whole staff team. Each resource takes approximately one hour to complete, but can be done in sections.


Back to School in 2020 – Tips and strategies for school staff

A free online video resource suggesting strategies to support children in returning to school after a break.

Using reflective language to support the emotional well-being and behaviour of children in Primary Schools

A free online video resource introducing this easy to use and effective behaviour management tool that is used in all the schools I work with.

Video lasts 10 minutes.  Watch video

Reflective language examples

A list of the reflective language examples discussed in my video for you to try.  Download

Calm Boxes –  A simple and effective tool for helping children manage anxiety

Have you got children in your class who are still finding it hard to settle or need some extra help? This free hand out and accompanying video introduces the idea of calm boxes as a resource for helping children feel safe and secure and develop self regulation. An excellent effective resource for the classroom but also useful in the home environment.  Learn more

Supporting transition activity for 5-7 year olds

Transition in schools is a difficult time for children (and staff), and some children can feel anxious and scared which can impact on their behaviour, ability to build relationships with their new teacher and feel settled in their new class.  This activity supports the transition process.

Download activity

Understanding Differences Activity for 7-11 year olds

A short practical activity to help children understand and appreciate the differences between people in a positive way.

Download activity

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