Making a Difference guide

Making a difference

a practical guide for the emotionally focused school practitioner

A book full of practical ideas and insights, this guide is designed to empower staff to make a difference to children’s well-being and behaviour by using simple and effective strategies that can easily be implemented throughout the school day.


Enabling you to:

• gain an insight into the reasons behind children’s behaviour
• increase confidence, self-esteem and resilience
• respond to behaviour more effectively
• build up a bank of strategies to implement with all children across the school

Supporting children to:

• manage their feelings and behaviour more easily
• recognise and understand their own and other people’s feelings
• develop self-regulation and self-awareness
• talk about their feelings and become more emotionally articulate

Taking small steps to make a big difference
in children’s lives

  • A5, spiral bound 160 colourful pages
  • Divided into 6 half term sections
  • Each half term covers a specific focus
  • Insights in to the reasons behind children’s behaviour and emotional well-being needs that may present during the school year
  • Over 100 tips and strategies for responding to children’s behaviour and meeting children’s emotional needs
  • Weekly reflections on children’s emotional needs
  • Space to record strategies and their impact enabling you to build a personalised pool of resources.

The guide also introduces reflective language, which is fast, effective and easy to implement with proven results in many schools. Each half term focuses on a different aspect of reflective language with many examples to use with children.

“I tried these strategies with the most challenging child in my class who is now more settled, happier and able to take part in class” (class teacher)

“Using the strategies in this guide on a daily basis had a significant impact on my everyday practice.” (teaching assistant)

“Seeing daily results improved my confidence and consequently my relationships with the children” (1-1 worker)

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