Work with children

“Play Therapy is a way of helping children express their feelings and deal with their emotional problems, using play as the main communication tool.” BAPT

I work with children in a variety of ways after assessing their needs and identifying the most suitable form of intervention for them. As all children are individuals it is crucial they are provided with the appropriate support. Some children may start with one form of intervention such as groupwork and then be considered for individual work afterwards, if it is considered the child would benefit from a more intense intervention.

I provide the following services for children:

  • Short and long term play therapy sessions with individual children (45 minutes per week ). This is carried out on a weekly basis and includes working closely with the child’s parents and school staff. The number of sessions a child requires depends on their needs and experience. Some children may come for a short time, while others may come for over a year.
  • Therapeutic focused groupwork – 6 week directed programme on a specific topic Eg. Friendship, self esteem and confidence building ( 35 – 45 minutes per week). This can be run with a member of school staff to model the programme.
  • Therapeutic storywriting group – a 6 – 10 week directed programme to support children’s emotional and academic literacy. This is delivered on a weekly basis for 45-60 minutes depending on the age and literacy levels of the group.
  • Therapeutic art group – this can be delivered in school time, afterschool or during lunchtimes and is particularly successful for children who find it difficult to manage unstructured times of the school day ie. lunchtime. It can be delivered on a weekly basis for groups of 2-4 children for 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the age and individual needs of the group. It can be delivered for 6 – 10 weeks.