Work with parents

The services for parents that I offer provide an empathic and supportive atmosphere enabling them to explore and develop an increased understanding of their child’s needs and behaviour. I facilitate a sensitive exploration of the child’s life in order to maximise understanding for myself and the parent of the impact of their experiences on their relationships and the child’s view of themselves now.

I provide the following services for parents:

  • Individual parent consultations – a space for parents to explore and discuss children’s behaviour with suggestions of strategies to implement at home. Follow on reviews can be offered and play programmes developed with support if appropriate. (1 hour)
  • Paired parenting group – discussion and support group for pairs or small groups, as above but in a group. (1 -2 hours)
  • Family play session – supported session for parent/ parents and siblings. This can be delivered as a one off session or a 6 week programme with reviews and support for parent in between sessions. This can be delivered after school or in school holidays. (45 minutes plus review time)
  • Parent/child play sessions – facilitated sessions which focus on improving the parent/child relationship. This is a 6 week planned programme which can be extended. (45 minutes per week with short review with parent before and after )
  • Filial Play Therapy – child centred play sessions with the child and parent which provides the parent with training and experience in a comprehensive set of parenting skills. The joint play experience and training provided for the parent helps to build healthy attachments within the family. These play sessions are then transferred to and continued in the family home.
  • Stay and Play sessions – A six week intervention which provides parents with an increased understanding of their child’s needs and behaviour, along with the importance of play. The two hour session involves time training the parents, playing with their child and reflections. It involves parents implementing the play session at home on a weekly basis, alongside the programme.