Back to school…..

For all the school staff returning to school this week after a long break, remember that for some of the children in our schools, this time can be the most difficult for them to manage. Some children may have spent their summer holiday with little or no rules or boundaries around their behaviour and with very little structure or routine. The sudden return to school may be a relief for some children but also a period of adjustment as they get used to a new class, new teacher and potentially new ways of being taught and managed. For children who find change difficult, this can be an extremely stressful time with feelings of fear and anxiety which may present itself in different ways. As adults we are able to return to school this week and can articulate our fears and anxieties with our colleagues if we choose to. For children, this can be more difficult so try and allow them some time to adjust to these changes and focus on the crucial aspects of getting to know them, building relationships and ensuring they feel physically and emotionally safe in their return to school, to maximise their ability to fully engage with their learning.

 And for all the school staff who also spent their summer holiday with very little structure or routine….good luck…hope it goes really well.

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