This boy has ants in his pants

It is common to have children in your class who just can’t sit still.  Recently I was asked to observe a six year old whose teacher said had “ants in his pants”.  I observed him at carpet time and yes, he couldn’t sit still, kept interrupting and was generally very fidgety.  When children behave like this it can often be a case of poor impulse control, meaning they are literally unable to control their impulses hence the persistent interruptions.

I suggested the teaching assistant working in the class took him out for five minutes every day and read him a story very slowly with lots of pauses and “I wonder what will happen next…” before she turned each page.  This activity will hopefully enable him to practice skills such as waiting, being patient, deferring gratification and generally slowing down.  the individual time and attention with an adult will also help with his anxiety which can often  be found in children who have poor impulse control.  Watch this space to see how he gets on…

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