Fridays aren’t great for everyone….

Unless Ofsted are looming with a visit the following week, generally there is a very different feeling in schools (and other work places) on a Friday. Staff are happy at the prospect of the week end and a break from school and are often more chirpy.

I had my weekly session with a ten year old today who is fostered and has contact every fortnight with his mum. The relationship with his mum has been deteriorating and there is talk of making contact less frequent. He was very subdued, more anxious than usual and the session had a strong feeling of sadness and despair to it. Towards the end of the session, as is often the case during a play therapy session, he announced he was supposed to  be seeing his mum tomorrow and that he didnt see the point of going as she often didn’t turn up. He ended his session by announcing ” I hate Fridays, it would be freat if school could be open all week end.”

It reminded me what a secure base schools can be for so many children, not just looked after children, and of the importance of us remembering that as we get excited and look forward to our week end, not all children are feeling the same about theirs!

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