Self-care for school staff in times of stress

 I am aware of a lot of staff from heads to teaching assistants in schools feeling very stressed at the moment. As well as the challenges of a new school year and developing new relationships with children, many are facing the stress of Ofsted looming, whilst others are trying to get to grips with the new assessment process along with being back at a full on demanding job after a six week holiday. I am encouraging staff at times like this to pay particular attention to their relationships with each other and how they look after themselves. In times of stress things can be misheard and misinterpreted, and at times we may not come across as at our best. The following strategies might help:

Acknowledge when you make mistakes

Ask for help and support when you need it

Remember at times we can all get a bit irritable when we are stressed try and forgive yourself and your colleagues when this happens

Praise and encourage each other as we do with children

Be supportive and gentle with yourself and others

Remember we all deal differently with stress

Kind words and appreciation of yourself and others can go a long way in reducing stress and promoting a more supportive environment It is important that we all take responsibility for managing our own stress and feelings. Periods of stress don’t last forever but our relationships with each other do. Spend an hour looking after yourself today so that you can go in to work more recharged tomorrow.

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